"In Hands Meant for Praise" 

The Final Christmas Play Curtin Call for Christmas Celebration 2018 The Enhancement Foundation and Evangel have a partnership relationship.

Get your tickets now! With these great savings, and the news of

Christmas Celebration coming to an end, you must acquire your tickets

early!! We are making this offer to the Enhancement Foundation Supporters such as

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from us. We are partners with the Evangel Church in Maryland and have these special VIP Rates and some of the best seats in the house now. 

We will only have a few tickets left.

The church has already received overwhelming support from the bus patrons. Over 4,000 tickets have already been sold in less than 2 months! This news and our new rates haven’t been sent out to the public yet. We are allowing you an opportunity to reserve your tickets before we go public with the news of it being the churches Final Curtain Call. It is expected that we will sell out early! We don’t expect to be selling group tickets before the end of October. Group tickets may be sold out by that time. Therefore it is imperative that you secure your reservations now! Already confirmed for this Final Curtain Call.

Our trip is scheduled for December 15, 2018. VIP Tickets are $50.00 dollars. The roundtrip bus fee is $30.00 per person, plus an additional $6.51 for credit card fee (Grand Total is $86.51 per person), if you click on the DONATION button below. The show will be 12noon. More details to follow regarding the bus pick up so stay tune. After the show, we will go and have something to eat at the National Harbor and then we will return home.  

Pick up and Drop [email protected]:30am

8001 Brook Road Richmond, VA

To pay for your Christmas Celebration 2018 tickets and bus tickets please click on the link below: