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* Minister Cassandra Carter

Guest Speaker 


 Mt. Gilead FGIM

Women Exploitation Exposures & Background Encounters


Her exposure to women exploitation includes the following:

Family History

Experienced 8 of 10 Adverse Effects of Childhood Trauma

Counseling Session for Children with Trauma

K-12 School Setting




International Settings


Support efforts have including helping women exploited includes the following

Supported Family & Friends (20)

Educational Career/School Setting (over 100)

Youth Leader (over 100)

Homeless Evangelism Community Work with Churches (over 600)

Supported Domestic Violence Awareness Church Events (150)

Christian Organization Supporting Women & Children (over 150)

International Rescue Work/Donations (300)

New Endeavors

As a result of the exposure & background work, she is currently supporting local organization directly connected to the fighting Human Trafficking efforts local and abroad.

Human Trafficking Advocate Training Completed

Community Group Lead /Prevention of Human Trafficking Sessions

A Team Member of the Enhancement Foundation

Member of Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries

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