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This live webinar is intended to provide parents with information and resources for the 2020-2021 school year. Attendees should leave the program with tools necessary to make informed decisions that meet the needs of their families.

Session Highlights

•COVID -19 Statistical Data

•Safety Procedures

•Educational Options/ Resources

Learning Objectives

Ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19

•What is the vision of the Department of Education for student learning for the upcoming school year

•What is hybrid and virtual learning in Virginia

•What is homeschooling in Virginia

•Am I qualified to home school

• Options for Starting a Business

PMID Webinar Video 

Program Manager

Sabrina Campbell


Sabrina Campbell

Kristi Harris

Sharquita Dudley

Brenda Campbell

Zoom Technical Support 

Bill Robinson

Special Thanks to Sabrina Campbell, Panelists, and Zoom Technical Support

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