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TEF Employment Opportunities

TEF's Hiring Policy:

It is TEF's policy to recruit, employ, promote and take other personnel actions without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, 

gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, genetic information, citizenship status, 

or membership in any other group protected by federal, state or local law.

College Students and Interns:

TEF’s supports college interns and open up the doors for their continued growth and development through practical experience and ultimate corporate hiring, research and product development needs. We want our interns to grow and apply their educational experience to real life business scenarios everyday. We look forward to hearing from you and your school now.

TEF Employment Collaboration Opportunities

Please review all the jobs that are available for you through our TEF Employment Collaboration with the Young People’s Guild (YPG) in Portsmouth,VA.

Here are (3) Job Requests that are due immediately:

A new job at Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF’s) Richmond Office and 2 new internships at CBF’s Hampton Roads office:

1. Virginia Administrative and Outreach Assistant (Richmond, VA; Salary Range: $40,000) Virginia Administrative and Outreach Assistant - Chesapeake Bay Foundation (

2. Hampton Roads Science Intern (Virginia Beach, VA); unpaid) Hampton Roads Science Intern - Chesapeake Bay Foundation (

3. Hampton Roads Outreach Intern (Virginia Beach, VA; unpaid) Hampton Roads Outreach Intern (Fall 2022) - Chesapeake Bay Foundation (

The Outreach and Administrative Assistant position is an entry-level opportunity for someone interested in engaging with the Central Virginia community on water quality and land use issues, as well as learning more about the ins and outs of office management that help make a non-profit function well.

The HR Science Intern will assist the Senior Regional Ecosystem Scientist with review of current regulatory programs, assist CBF staff in evaluating fisheries research and policies in the Chesapeake Bay region, help research various Bay-related scientific issues, new techniques, or materials, and produce summary reports. Candidates must be working toward a graduate or undergraduate degree and possess a specific background in environmental management, environmental science, environmental policy, or a related field.

The HR Outreach Intern will support the Clean Water Captains program and the VoiCeS program by surveying participants and updating program materials and assist CBF in performing targeted outreach to economically and racially diverse communities. Eligible candidates must be actively enrolled in a college or university.

We are accepting applications until August 14. We would be very thankful if you could take a moment to forward this announcement to your networks – or anyone you know who may be interested!

Please send an email to:

Mention: Mrs. Joyce White - Tasby 


Please send your resume and mention the title of the position that you are interested in.
If you have any questions, please reach out. Thanks!

Other TEF Employment Opportunities

Please click on this button to see all jobs in Maryland, DC and Virginia, and surrounding areas.

Putting a zip code in the appropriate area will allow you to see all of the employment areas that you want desire to see.

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