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Appetizers (Served to Everyone)
Smoked chicken wings with BBQ sauce 
Mini crab cakes 
Fresh fruit
Mixed greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette and cilantro lime vinaigrette 

Lemonade, Ice-Tea Sweetened or Unsweetened


Brunch Options (choose one)


Option 1 - Grilled Salmon with Lobster Fondue 

Toasted focaccia/sautéed spinach/scrambled egg/lobster fondue/ served with garlic breakfast potatoes. 


Option 2 - Steak & Egg Bowl

Wood grilled tenderloin/scrambled egg/mushrooms/tomatoes/creamy horseradish sauce (optional)/ served with garlic breakfast potatoes.


Option 3 - Baked French Toast with Bacon

Brioche/caramelized cinnamon custard/ applewood smoked bacon/ fresh berries/ powdered sugar.


Option 4 - Shrimp and Grits 

Shrimp/stone-ground cheddar grits/ andouille sausage/blistered tomatoes/creole sauce / add scrambled eggs (optional)


Option 5 - Special Vegetarian Dish 

French Toast/fresh berries with hot vegetables and cold salads and garlic breakfast potato/ powdered sugar. (optional)

Dessert (Served to everyone)

Assorted dessert (carrot cake, crème brulé cheesecake, brownie)


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Brunch Options

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Please Note: Do Not Choose Your Main Course Menu Option Unless You Have Paid for Your Registration.
Your Food Will Not Be Ordered Unless You Have Done So.

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We Thank You for Your Support and We Look Forward to Seeing You There!

Remember At the Event You Are Only Paying For One Order of Food, If You Go back for seconds you are shortening someone else's meal order

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