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In an effort to propel this mission, we need to send volunteer ambassadors out to raise social consciousness and awareness about the organization (1) how our plans involve conducting monthly and yearly activities to include: specialized nutritional and health training, professional development training, workshops, conferences, auctions, and special annual theme events each year. and; (2) our program engages in resources, training and solicit participation of all women so they may mitigate and avoid any crisis or risk they may encounter which may take them off their personal focus, plan and goals; (3) We also investigate through various research data gathering mechanisms on how we can further justify to help support the need to end a specific epidemic. (4) As a result we are able to establish unique public-private partnerships and interagency agreements to help us facilitate the necessary funding measures for the intended women in need.

  • Provide mentorship, employment and volunteer opportunities for women.

  • Volunteers are needed in the following areas: Board Members, Mentors, Administratively, Instructors, Trainers, Financial, Social Media, Marketing and Event Planning

  • We seek volunteers through direct contact of our Organization, Richmond VA Connect, Volunteer Match Organization, Churches and other resources and volunteers are always welcomed.

  • For More Information Please Contact Us or Send Us Your Resumes or Volunteer Experience to:

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