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2024 Small Biz Empower Fest Kingdom Conference Limited Seating (1) - Made with PosterMyWal


Event Logistics:

We are thanking you in advance for allowing TEF to fulfill your Sponsorship needs for the scheduled (1st) (GMF Conf. Saturday, May 11, 2024) and (2nd) Small Biz Conf. Saturday, September 7, 2024, for TEF event. We are now beginning to receive branding, advertising and sponsorship information to be placed in our program booklet. This information must be received on or before (Monday, April 15, 2024 for GMF. Conf. for May 11th Event) and (Small Biz Conf.) Monday, August 19, 2024 (September 7th Event) so that your sponsorship, advertising and your graphic layout can be appropriately prepared and organized within our program booklet in a professional and timely manner. It is our goal to complete this part of the program booklet by, (April 29, 2024 for GMF Conf. for May 11th Event) and (August 22, 2024 for Small Biz Conf. for September 7, 2024). Since we are receiving quite a few sponsorship requests, we would like to provide you with a proof before the final product. Therefore, your cooperation with submitting your logo and any online sponsorship information is critical. We must receive your payment at the same time. After selecting your appropriate options, please click on the 2024 Sponsorship donation button to purchase your sponsorship. Sponsors are able to set up between the hours of 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm on (Friday, May 10, 2024, for GMF Conf.), and on (Friday, September 6, 2024 for Small Biz Conf) at the Drury Hotel Plaza. The sooner you submit your sponsorship information the better.

TEF Large Corporate Sponsorship Benefits and Incentives:

All Options are Tax Deductible. *

Sponsor Options

Please provide your name:

Additional Participants Name:

Name of additional participants:

Name of your business or organization:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

If applicable type of business:


Please place the information that you wish submitted on your ad page for the program booklet.

Once you have completed the above information, then click to send message. Then click the sponsor donations button to make your donation for the above. If you which to display an exhibit, then please select below.

Eventbrite Button for Attendee Only

Use Donate Button for Small Biz EmPowerFest Kingdom Conference related payments.

If you desire an advertisement or desire to become an exhibitor, click on the button below.

Please use the buttons below to make your sponsorship donations and or you may purchase tickets at Eventbrite

Our promotional brand opportunities in previous years with TEF were successful due to our digital options and web presence. Since our presence and partnership are continuously increasing, TEF is excited about our sponsors financial support to us over the years and again this year to help us to promote your organization and our women.   TEF is now able to promote your brand both nationally and globally. During this event, you'll have the opportunity to promote your products​ ​and services to not only event attendees, but also to TEF's parent company: USSMCCORP (, partners, sponsors, and customers. The Enhancement Foundation has successfully completed the following projects for overall 10,000 women. Sponsors' promotional brand opportunities in previous years with TEF were successful due to our digital options, networking, employment opportunities, social service programs, working with juvenile correction facilities, collaborations, corporate/ small business partnerships, conference events:

Grace Mercy Favour Kingdom Conference (GMFKC)(Thanksgiving Overcoming a Defeated Mentality, Being A Glorious Phenomenal Women, PMID, A Christmas Celebration and Lupus Program - with Glaxo. Smith and Kline (GSK), (Garden of Eden Medical Owner - Dr. Asena Madison Horton) Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health Systems and the Diamonds and Pearls Inaugural) marketing events, training, community involvement in universities, cultural trips and events, churches and other civic organizations, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and web presence nationally. You will be able to sponsor women who cannot afford to pay for their tickets for this years' 2024 Small Biz EmPowerFest Conference where the Bishop Daniel Robertson will also be a featured speaker and currently serves as our dynamic spiritual leader.

2024 Small Biz EmPowerFest Conference (September 7, 2024) (Press Release Not Released Yet) 

Training, Chamber of Commerce Access and Employment Partnerships: TEF partnered with USSMC (its 34-year successful parent federal government contracting organization - who provided sponsorship and successful entrepreneurship trainings to over 50,000 small businesses for SBA of which the majority were women owned businesses and 64,000 federal government employees nationally. A Partnership was established with the Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce where our reach is now global. Recently we were able to acquire a national employment database because of our collaboration with the Young People’s Guild (YPG) in Portsmouth, VA and the Dogwood Foundation (F.O.R.E.S.T). We look forward to providing a safe space for you to leverage the unlimited potential of our Parent organization, and partners to get your brand exposed to businesses and government organizations with over 34 years of experience in Marketing and Sponsorship.  


We've listed out some of the benefits/ incentives and perks your company can enjoy should you decide to become one of our corporate sponsors. Regardless of the amount you choose to give, company’s name will be included in our event programs, and our press releases that we are publishing on our website. We are accepting cash donations as well as in kind donations of goods or services. Feel free to contribute what you are comfortable with giving levels that's right for your company. If you are ready to donate, please click on the link: 2024 DONATION OPTIONS after you've chosen your option level below: 


If you have any questions, please contact or, if you have any questions or 804-564-9953. Please click on the links below to support this endeavor: We thank you in advance for your continued participation and look forward to you sharing this information with others who could utilize and benefit from these services.


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