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                                                                                                  Christmas  - A Season of Celebration 

An Evening of Awareness, Honor, Determination, 
Gift-Giving, Joy & Celebration  Fundraising Event - You Don't Want to Miss it!

The event will be a The Enhancement Foundation's  Christmas  - A Season of Celebration - An Evening of Awareness, Honor, Determination, Gift-Giving, Joy & Celebration  Fundraising Event .  The Christmas Lupus Fundraiser  will be in honor and support of the women and their families who are currently suffering from Lupus and/or who have suffered as a result of their love ones having Lupus. The event will allow sponsors and attendees to contribute, provide resources and awareness to the cause and support of individuals who suffer from the disease of Lupus. This also will support children who are also in need of hope, love and better support on a daily bases and at what better time but during the Christmas Season

Fundraising Purpose: Our The Enhancement Foundation's  Christmas  - A Season of Celebration  An Evening of Awareness, Honor, Determination, 

Gift-Giving, Joy & Celebration  Fundraising Event r Charity event being presented on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at the Richmond Hilton Downtown will serve a two fold purpose: 1) to support women with Lupus and 2) to give their children the proper nutrition since many of these mothers may not have the money to ensure their children eat healthy and receive the appropriate nutritional value. 

There are many health challenges and issues facing individuals who suffer with Lupus.  Initially, in Systemic Lupus Erythematous, the tissues being attacked are different from RA; however, in later stages, the diseases become very similar.  In some instances there is a lack and loss of: insurance, income, medical and treatment options, appropriate types of foods and diets (health and wellness options), jobs and goals attained.  INRI funded research on the pathology.  Some causes of lupus are revealing new approaches towards developing therapies and a cure.  Some of these women and girls face homelessness.  

This disease is cruel, fatal and requires expensive medical treatment and careful attention to the quickly changing aspects of the body because of this illness.  Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE or Lupus) is a systemic autoimmune disease that affects many joints and organs in the body.  With Lupus, like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), the patients' immune system attacks their own healthy tissues.  Lupus research funded by the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) is focused on understanding systemic lupus so the organization can find new treatments.  For many women, Lupus brings on a daily traumatic experience that is not only faced by the victim but also suffered by the entire family especially children if in the home. 

This year's women's event initiative will focus on this overwhelming disease. This disease has sparked our interest since it has impacted younger girls and women of all ages. In part this leading health problem has caused us to further investigate, research and desire to educate others on the known causes of Lupus that plagues over 1.5 million Americans. Five million people according to the Lupus Foundation of America throughout the world have a form of Lupus. Although all people of all races and ethnic groups can develop Lupus, women of color are three times more likely to develop Lupus.  There are more than 16,000 new cases of Lupus reported annually across the country. 

The Enhancement Foundation continues to identify women in the community who suffer from this grave disease.  We have provided some financial assistance that helped to raise funds for a Lupus Walk held earlier in June 2019 in the Hampton Roads area.  Within this immediate community, several young African American women have died under the age of 30 years during the last seven months and several children have been left motherless.  Currently, one young lady is taking 52 medications because of this grave disease and others are taking even more medications. Like many of our well-known Pop Star Sensations: Selena Gormez, and Toni Braxton to name a few, many of these ladies have suffered tremendously from this grave illness, and have caused women as victims of this illness and their children in many cases to give up their dreams and make major sacrifices. 

The Enhancement Foundation Learning Management Training System:

The Enhancement Foundation is planning to roll-out an on line learning management training system for many of the underprivileged and disadvantaged women and children who are apart of these distressed families as well.  Funding received from our funder/partners will allow the Enhancement Foundation to sustain and keep updated our knowledge management portal.  Our system will house various types of professional training materials, and the latest resources received from all of our partners. These resources will include: data and research and advocacy resources, the latest training and supportive information needed by all women who may have concerns or questions about Lupus or any other health concern, social, professional, career development and entrepreneurship needs.

The Enhancement Foundation Learning Management Training System will allow women to have free access to a centralized resource repository where they can go to on our webpage to get information about relevant, up-to-date information from our partners’ latest products and the resources that will be available to them.  We will need to hire staff to manage, continuously develop and stay current on all of the latest information received by our funder/partners.

Benefits of Online Training

  • Removes geographic limitations – access for ALL veterans
  • Reduced travel time and expense for participants
  • Broaden our targeted audience reach – participants can view based on their schedule
  • Be available to our targeted audience anytime, anywhere
  • Engage our targeted audiences and maximize retention using polling and quizzing
  • Track results and responses
  • Deliver courses with 508 compliant closed captions
  • Multiple languages available
  • Certifications – incorporate pre-test, post-test, and certificates for participants
  • Comprehensive reporting available for monitoring participation

Here is an excerpt from a Lupus Patient who is experiencing severe health concerns  and challenges from this dramatic disease.


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Please Note: Part of our proceeds this year will go toward the support of Lupus Research and Awareness. 

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